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Unlock Your Financial Potential This EOFY

There are hundreds of lenders in Australia who can assist small business owners tap into their financial potential – but who has the time to spend hours searching the Internet?

We’re proud to be the first fully independent and transparent platform where businesses can easily compare and find all small business loan types.

We know that, as a business owner, you need the ability to access funds quickly especially at the end of the financial year.

Despite the growth in this sector, most small businesses still aren’t aware that they have non-bank alternative lending options. Just because a bank has refused finance, or is making that process painfully drawn out, doesn’t mean you’ve hit a brick wall. We want to educate small business owners that there are other ways for them to unlock a capital injection from non-bank lending solutions.

Over 400,000 small businesses in Australia need cash flow finance but are unable to get funding from a bank or are reluctant to use their home or other assets as security.

The equipment, machinery or vehicles required to run a business can be expensive. For almost every small and medium sized business, some sort of equipment is needed to operate efficiently. While you could try to avoid purchasing any sort of equipment by using your own, separation of your personal and business expenses is incredibly important – as your trusted tax adviser will tell you.

We are committed to being 100 per cent impartial and continually develop our platform to better match businesses with the correct lenders that best match their needs. Small businesses will be connected to lenders that best fit their needs after answering a handful of simple questions on our website.

The increasing availability of unsecured business loans provides a much-needed supply of capital to small businesses where this has traditionally not existed. Ultimately this means you could be sitting on a lot more financial potential than you realise.

ebroker is Australia’s first fully independent, transparent platform where anyone can find and easily compare unsecured small business loans, visit


About the author: Heath Fitzpatrick is ebroker’s COO. 





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