4 Compelling Reasons to Finance Your Invoices (And Get Paid)

Invoice Discounting & Debtor Finance is perfect for a business that offers trading terms of 30 to 90 days.

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No business enjoys being in debt. But having to collect payment from those who owe you money is also a pain. Calling customers to remind them that payment for a certain product or service is due is never fun. When not properly managed, often customers will leave to find vendors with better payment terms.

Debtor finance is a good way to get cash quickly from outstanding receivables. In this article we will look at debtor finance also known as invoice financing. We will also provide 4 benefits of using invoice financing. Lastly, we offer advice on where you can find the best debtor invoice options in Australia.

What is Debtor Finance or Cash Flow Finance?

In Australia, debtor finance is a term used for several slightly different financial instruments. To explain the basics of this financial tool, let´s consider the following example. An online marketing, graphic design, and website creation company has around 150 clients that they work with on a regular basis. They offer a complete service where they help clients set up a website and then manage their online advertising, publicity, digital marketing channels.

They charge their 150 clients a monthly fee that varies based on the services provided. In order to keep their clients, many of whom are small business owners and startup entrepreneurial ventures, the company offers net 30-60 day terms to pay the monthly invoices. While some of their clients pay immediately, others who are less financially stable take several weeks or months to pay the invoices.

The company, in order to pay the weekly salaries of their workers and fund other business operating costs, is often left with a lack of capital to cover these ongoing business expenses while they wait for the invoice payments to come in. This lack of stable cash flow creates problems for the company. They may even consider taking out a traditional small business loan during particularly difficult months when the majority of their clients are waiting till the last minute to make their payments.

Debtor finance would essentially allow this company to finance their client´s invoices, which is one of the strongest financial assets of the company. In most cases, the debtor financing company would advance 90% of the submitted invoices to the company as soon as those invoices come in. That company would then have the cash flow needed to cover certain business expenses. Once the customer pays the invoice in full, the debtor financing company then sends over the remaining 10 to 20% of the invoice value, minus the fees they charge.

In some cases, the debtor financing company also offers credit and collection services, thus freeing up time and resources. There are two main types of debtor financing: invoice factoring and invoice discounting. Invoice factoring is usually the best option for companies with high cash value but infrequent invoices. Invoice discounting is best for companies that have several, regularly recurring invoices for smaller amounts.

With this type of debtor finance, the batches of invoices are all financed together and the company essentially has a line of credit type financing. This line is then adjusted continually as clients pay off their monthly invoices.

The Top 4 Benefits of Debtor Finance and Cash Flow Finance

There are several benefits that come with debtor finance, especially if your company suffers from cash flow problems due to late invoice payments.

1.Improve Customer Experience

Firstly, invoice financing or invoice discounting allows you to gain access to a larger base of clients. Many of your clients might demand a certain leniency in invoice payments, usually between 30 and 60 days. If your company doesn´t have the financial stability or the cash flow reserves to offer those conditions you could lose these customers.ments.

2.Improve Cash Flow

Secondly, and perhaps most obviously, debtor finance allows companies to effectively deal with cash flow problems associated with managing a large amount of invoices. This finance option allows you to avoid taking out other types of business loans at high interest rates and unfavorable terms and conditions.

3.Improve Balance Sheet Ratios

In addition, this type of financing is also a great way to help small businesses grow without taking on extensive debt through other loan options. Debtor finance is ideal for small and growing businesses who want to increase their customer base without sacrificing high debt to income ratios.

4. Affordable way to Leverage Accounts Receivable

Lastly, and most importantly, debtor finance is usually one of the most affordable finance options available to companies. When you obtain invoice financing, one great benefit is not having to pay interest repayments similar to a fixed term loan or standard line of credit. The need to worry about interest payments is taken out of the picture since financed invoices are repaid by your customers. It’s always important to know your rights so review your contract terms carefully.

Where to Find the Best Debtor Finance Options

Finding debtor finance companies or cash flow finance companies in Australia is certainly a little trickier than simply heading down to your local bank to apply for a standard business loan. While many traditional lenders might not offer this type of finance option, there are several online companies that do offer debtor financing solutions for companies that operate via invoices. Ebroker.com.au offers a tool that will help you to filter through all the brokers and find best debtor financing solutions in Australia.

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