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Invoice Discounting & Debtor Finance is perfect for a business that offers trading terms of 30 to 90 days.


With the help of a debtor finance broker, you can access up to 90% worth of your invoices. The other 10%, minus the financing cost, will be paid to you when you receive payment from your customers.

Also known as invoice factoring or debtor finance, invoice discountingis a popular choice for accessing on-going business funding, without presenting any security or collateral. Invoice financing works just like a line of credit and it allows your business to grow together with your sales volume.

When you obtain invoice financing, one great benefit is not having to pay interest repayments similar to a fixed term loan or standard line of credit. The need to worry about interest payments is taken out of the picture since financed invoices are repaid by your customers.

eBroker Top 5 debtor finance lenders

Ambitious businesses cannot reach their potential because banks will not fund them without real estate backing. InvoiceX offers a viable alternative.

The Invoice Market is the next generation, peer-to-peer invoice financier, fairer, more flexible and far more affordable than ever before.

Invoice Money brings you fast invoice factoring and cash flow finance solutions to keep your business running smoothly.

Marketlend performed extensive research in the Australian Business lending market and as a result was established to fulfil a real need for both investors and borrowers alike.

CashFlow Advantage stands out by being a financers that still endeavours to go above and beyond for our clients – no matter what.

Will you qualify for Invoice Finance?

eBroker’s debtor finance lenders will help you get qualified for invoice discounting.

We will tell you exactly what lenders are looking for and what they consider to be good or bad for your business profile. First, lenders usually examine the mix and quality of customers you deal with. This will determine the level of funding you can afford. They will also look at the way you operate your invoicing to ensure that it’s managed properly and to see if you have indeed delivered the products or rendered the service to your customers.

Invoice finance discounting can provide you with a large credit limit, without having to put your personal or business assets at risk. Lenders’ assessment is based purely on your customers or debtors profile.

Whether you are a new or established business, have a good credit rating or less appealing credit score, eBroker is your first choice for online invoice finance brokers in Australia.

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