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ebroker makes finding the right loan online simple, finally!

ebroker is an online business finance broker founded in 2015 by Simon Isaacs, an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in small business.

During this time, Simon has seen first-hand how small business can be affected, limited, and disadvantaged by the lack of funding when it’s really needed; both in tough times or worse; when the business has a great opportunity for growth that requires a capital injection. Access to business finance will often make or break a small business; business owners with easy access to capital prosper from the unequal ability to invest and inject cash into their business when required.

Thankfully, things are changing with the huge growth of non-bank business lenders. ebroker is a leader in the emerging field of Online Business Finance Brokers, designed to aggregate non-bank small business lenders into a platform that makes the difficult task of searching and finding the right business loan to fit your business requirements simple, fast, free and unbiased.

The ebroker vision?

eBroker has pioneered a groundbreaking platform that is transforming the way businesses gain access to alternate business funding by using AI & Algorithm technology to match small business owners with the right non-bank business lender in realtime.

It has done something truly unique in the Australian Fintech space by devloping this cutting edge technology which is fixing a major challenge in the market.

To realise this vision, ebroker not only had to build the technology and implement ongoing upgrades based on big data, but educate the market to build the momentum to make ebroker a reality. There is nothing like this platform and we believe that it will thrive.

Challenges faced by small business accessing finance in Australia

Australia’s 2.2 million small and medium-sized businesses employ over 60% of the Australian workforce and create a substantial proportion of new jobs. Ensuring that business owners have access to capital is critical to enable their businesses to grow and to create jobs in the economy.

SMEs rely on credit for a number of business activities. According to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, the key reasons why small business require business loans or equity finance are to:

● Maintain short-term cash flow;
● Replace or purchase equipment or machinery;
● Pursue expansion opportunities; or
● Ensure the survival of the business.

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Fintech business lending in Australia

Australia’s fintech business lending sector is still very young but recent growth figures indicate it has the potential to develop into a strong and healthy alternative to traditional bank lending to the SME sector.

The latest Asia-Pacific Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report from KPMG et al. reported that Australia’s alternative finance sector (which includes crowd-funding and fintech consumer lending) is the second largest in the APAC region by loan value originated, second only to China. The value of lending by fintech business lenders in particular has grown dramatically, from approximately AU$10.5 million in 2013 to over AU$440 million in 2016. But this still represents a tiny proportion of total lending to Australian businesses.

Broadly, a fintech business lender can be characterised as either a balance sheet lender or a peer-to-peer (P2P) or marketplace lender. Some fintech business lenders have also developed specialisation in invoice and supply chain finance, and can likewise be characterised using the two below categories depending on their business model:

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