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Finance Consolidation

Throughout business and life, it has been a necessity to obtain finance to make asset purchases, home or commercial property purchases, supply or invoice financing just to name a few. Over time some of these loans can add up to significant weekly or monthly repayments, which in turn can affect the cash flow of your business.

Now is the time to have a look at your current loans and think about consolidation of these debts into one loan. By having the one loan the benefits can be quite dramatic to your weekly or monthly cash flow issues.

The benefits of Consolidation

1. Lower Interest Rates

Loans tend to have different rates and can vary from 3% through to 15% to 24% on short term finance. Consolidating into one loan means that you only pay one rate and with competitive rates at the moment, you may be able to make a significant saving on the overall interest rate you are currently paying.

2. One Payment

Rather than having to worry about which day, which payment is coming out of your account, consolidating your loan means you only have to worry about 1 payment coming out each week or each month.

3. Cash flow relief

By lowering the interest rate and having one simple payment, the funds that you are saving in making repayments means you can re-invest these funds into your business (or your pocket)

Many of the lenders on our panel at have some wonderful products available specific for finance consolidation. Speak to one of our brokers today for more information on how we can assist with your debt consolidation requirements.

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