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Australia now has its first fully independent platform where anyone can easily compare and find unsecured small business loans…

The platform, aimed at small business owners and budding entrepreneurs, was launched in July 2015. It is now seeing over 24,000 direct enquiries a year for all business finance, offering more than 90 lenders to compare and choose from.

Thankfully, the days of traditional banks being the sole gatekeeper to finance are now gone and SMEs now have so many other options to explore.  Non-bank alternatives and peer-to-peer lenders are stepping up to be the new banks.  Transparent matching technology loan services are seeing a surge in their popularity and lenders across Australia are reporting an increase in applications.

Over 400,000 small businesses in Australia are in need of cash flow or asset/equipment finance but are unable to get funds from a bank or don’t want to use their home as security.

The platform brings all the leading non-bank lenders together in one place, so small business owners can quickly find the most suitable unsecured business loan for their needs.

Finding financing options to start or grow your business can be tricky and time-consuming for small and medium-sized business owners. We understand how busy you are, and the process of searching through hundreds of lenders and working out precise offerings can also be confusing and daunting on top of your day-to-day business stress. is the only platform where Australian SMEs can compare unsecured small business loans from different providers, including leading non-bank lenders, and immediately get unbiased results, saving them hours of research into individual lenders. They can search for a wide range of options including unsecured business loans, equipment finance, invoice discounting and trade finance, all delivered fast and easy.

“Most small businesses don’t know how many non-bank alternative options are out there for them,” says Heath Fitzpatrick, COO, “From straightforward unsecured loans to the option of cashing in invoices or security or a piece of equipment, whether it’s a vehicle, truck, oven or coffee machine. We want to become the first place businesses go to when looking for a capital injection from a non-bank lending solution.”

The increasing availability of unsecured business loans provides a much-needed supply of capital to small businesses, where this has traditionally not existed. Businesses are being drawn to lenders that will give them fair, fast and flexible credit assessments.

“The growth of this sector has just begun with new lenders emerging every month,” says Fitzpatrick. “We are committed to being 100% impartial and to continually develop our platform to better match businesses with the right lenders that best suit their needs. Business owners will get a list of lenders after only a few minutes entering a few details into the website.”

We also have a group of highly trained and motivated client managers ready to help anyone who requires assistance, has a question regarding the process or just needs some help matching options for their business.

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