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Trade Finance Loan

A Trade Finance Loan is best for businesses that import goods from suppliers abroad.

Many businesses prefer a trade finance loan because it can be unsecured. It works particularly well for businesses that have a successful trading record, have two or more years’ good credit score, and have positive income. On the other hand, start-up companies can also be considered if you can prove a long history of good trading.

eBroker can connect you to the leading non-bank lenders that offer trade finance loans. This will all be done online in a matter of minutes and without affecting your credit rating.
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Will you qualify for Trade Finance?
eBroker’s partner lenders will examine your business and personal credit to see that you are capable of servicing a loan. They will also look at your trading history to verify if you can efficiently sell down inventory.

Don’t worry if you have less than perfect credit. Even if you are just starting out, eBroker can still possibly help you secure a trade finance loan from an alternative lender or even a bank.