Short Term Business Loans Guide

Short term and fast loans can used to pay unexpected bills and expenses.

Imagine a small business that’s surviving in a small-town, local economy with a minimum profit margin. When a new opportunity to expand that local business into a regional enterprise arises, many business owners might be tempted to find quick cash to take advantage of the fabled “once in a lifetime” opportunity. Unfortunately, what tends to happen is that once financially stable local business ends up stuck in an endless cycle of debt. Ultimately this impedes the stability and long-term profitability of the company.

Fast money is usually expensive, and short-term loans have received a negative reputation because many injudicious business owners jumped into a situation that they and their business were simply not prepared for. In the right circumstances, and with prudent business owners that are careful with their cash flow, short-term loans can be useful to different types of businesses. Below, we will explore three reasons why a short-term business loan might make sense for your company.


Short Term Business Loans To Take Advantage Of A Revenue Generating Opportunity

Imagine a small company suddenly hits it big with a potential client asking for an order ten times larger than any individual order they had previously fulfilled. Gaining a steady client of this magnitude will allow the business to grow to a completely new level, but finance is needed quickly. Fast business loans (or quick business loans) are often the only way such businesses can get the funding needed in a timely manner in order to proceed.

A report by the Harvard Business School found that since 1995, over 60% of new net jobs have been created by small businesses. Gaining access to fast business loans is essential to help small businesses continue to grow and make the most of new job opportunities when revenue generating opportunities present themselves.

Quick business loans should be seen as an investment opportunity to grow a small business. The potentially profitable return on investment is well worth the extra interest payments you might make (due the nature of short-term business loans).


A Wide Variety of Lenders for Short Term Business Loans

Time Magazine reports that mainstream banks have reduced all different types of small business loans by 20% since the 2008 financial crisis. Fortunately, this gap has been filled by online lending agencies offering several different types of financial tools such as bad credit business loans and fast business loans.

While small, local businesses in the past were essentially obligated to do business with their local bank (even when the terms, rates, and conditions on business loans were less than optimal), today the Internet allows Australian companies to search among a wide web of lenders. There are even online tools to help you compare and find different lenders so your business can choose the loan option that’s most favourable to your particular situation.

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Short Term Business Loans For Emergencies

Unfortunately, there’s a fair bit of vulnerability and uncertainty associated with running a small business. While multi-national corporations can usually stand to take a loss and still have the financial firmness to continue with business as usual, small businesses usually don’t have such luxury.

There’s a virtually endless list of things that can go wrong for a small business and leave the company in a seriously grave situation. From a piece of essential (and expensive) equipment breaking down, to an important employee getting sick, to a load of inventory getting lost somewhere along the supply lines, emergencies can leave a company facing a tremendous amount of financial insecurity.

Fast business loans are often the only way a company can face the unexpected challenges that come with running a business. Quick business loans also often require much less documentation than traditional loans. This can be useful for companies needing cash but unable to provide the small amount of paperwork many banks ask for.

You may like to consider a specific loan for equipment. Known as equipment finance, this is a useful way for businesses of all sizes to finance the purchase of any type of machinery, equipment or vehicles needed to fully operate their business. Lenders will use the equipment itself as collateral against the loan and will repossess the equipment if the lender fails on payments. Because of this secured source of collateral, lenders will often consider lending in addition to other loans that aren’t paid off.

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A short term and fast business loan may be an option if you need to secure financing temporarily for your business to continue operations. However, practice responsible lending and ensure you have the regular income needed to make the payments on time and adhere to the specified repayment schedule as outlined by the financial institution or lender you choose.

Short Term Loan FAQ

Short term loans are often smaller loan amounts that can be repaid over the course of 6 to 24 months, depending on the lender and your credit history. However, many business owners have questions when it comes to securing this type of loan and the repayment features that are offered. Read on to find out the answers to some of the more commonly asked questions regarding short term loans and quick financing options for business.

What will a short term business loan cost?

The interest rates for a short term business loan in Australia vary but can range between 5% and 30% depending on the financial institution or lender you choose. Different short term loan types will have varying brackets of interest rates to consider. For example, an unsecured business loan will have a higher rate than a business line of credit.

What are the benefits of a short term business loan?

A short term loan can help a business increase its cash flow and buy assets when needed. These loans can also be customized and tailored to each business and borrower so every repayment term may be different. This often means you can choose your short term repayment terms. However, make sure to compare the terms, varying interest rates, and repayment options offered by each short term loan you consider.

Can you get a short term loan with bad credit?

Many lenders have strict lending criteria when it comes to extending loans for those with bad credit. When a business has a low credit rating, the chances of getting a small business loan from the bank is slim. However, there may be alternative financing options available for those seeking bad credit loans for their business.

Does a short term loan affect your credit rating?

Any loan can affect your credit rating, including a short term loan. Your credit will continue to improve as long as you adhere to the repayment terms. However, if you fail to make the payments, then your credit score can be adversely affected.

Is a personal loan considered a short term loan?

Short term personal loans are unsecured loans that are available to anyone that has a regular income source, including businesses. It is an option if your business doesn’t qualify for a line of credit from the bank, and you need one-time access to a short term loan to finance working capital needs that have arisen temporarily.

What comes under short term borrowings?

Short term borrowings are liabilities that represent the money borrowed from a bank or lender to fund the ongoing operations of a business. Under short term borrowings, the funds will be due within one year.

What is the most common form of short term financing?

Trade credit is considered a delayed payment and is a type of short term financing extended by a lender who doesn’t require immediate payment. 70 to 90 per cent of business transactions involve trade credit.

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