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Equipment Finance Broker

Have you been eyeing some new business equipment for a while now, but have struggled to fund the purchase out of cash-flow?

Wait no longer. With eBroker as your equipment finance broker, it’s possible to get a business equipment loan in as fast as two days!

eBroker can help you connect with Australia’s leading lenders that offer great rates and terms. For your machinery, vehicle, or computer needs, eBroker is an efficient equipment finance broker who can connect you to equipment finance products that suit you.

If you go for a traditional bank loan, approval often takes weeks or even months and can be highly complicated. Using eBroker as your equipment finance broker can help you find a lender to fund your business equipment loans in as fast as 2-3 days.

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Will you qualify for an equipment loan?
Most of our clients qualify for an equipment loan even if they are a new business. The real question is how much you will qualify for and what is the interest rate that you will get. A good equipment finance broker can match you with a lender that suits your business requirements.